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Mobile Phone Wholesalers are wholesalers Brand New, Used, Refurbished mobile phones & tablets for retailers, distributors and online sellers looking to buy large quantities at affordable prices

Mobile Phone Wholesalers UK & Europe

Mobile Phone Wholesalers are the leading online wholesale mobile phones suppliers in the UK. Based in London, Mobile Phone Wholesalers are specialists in wholesale used mobile phones, tablets, accessories and gadgets. Being one the best companies out of very few UK mobile wholesalers, we understand the mobile phone wholesale market like no other wholesale mobile phones supplier.

We at Mobile Phone Wholesalers specialize in sale of Brand New mobiles stock as well as Used Graded phones along with wholesale of refurbished mobiles. We have more than 15 years’ experience in mobile wholesale industry and we deal in large quantities of bulk mobiles and mobile joblots out of the UK to export worldwide including wholesale mobile suppliers, distributors and traders in UK, Europe, Africa & Middle East.

We are one of the few mobile phone wholesalers who provide 3 months warranty on used graded bulk mobiles. We also provide 14 days checking warranty which means we take the items back within 14 days if there is any fault. Mobile Phone Wholesalers has a return rate of only 1% while 99% of our wholesale mobiles stock does not get returned from our happy customers.

What do we wholesale?

Mobile Phone Wholesalers are experts in supplying Brand New, 14 Day, Used Graded, Refurbished & Faulty mobile phones. We also sale bulk quantities of unlocked and network locked mobiles. Our main client base are online mobile retailers, Amazon merchants, eBay sellers, mobile phone shops and other mobile traders worldwide who are looking for wholesale mobile phones at affordable prices.

We understand that the telecommunication industry is one of the most dynamic industry with prices changing every now and then. That is why our state of the art system works in accordance with the current mobile wholesale industry trend to offer the most reasonable wholesale market prices as we understand that our clients rely on us to fulfil their bulk mobile wholesale orders.

Who is Mobile Phone Wholesalers?

We are a dedicated core team of mobile wholesale industry professionals. With our experience and help from IT, we have worked hard to bring you the one and only mobile wholesale website in whole Europe so you can easily compare wholesale mobiles prices, place an order and get the goods delivered to your door step. In our opinion, this is a win win situation for us and our wholesale mobile buyers. That way, we can earn your trust and continue to do long term business deals.

Rest assured that when you buy online from Mobile Phone Wholesalers, you are in the right hands as we have got you covered on everything from start to finish. Our completely automated sales process will make sure that even a second is not wasted as we understand that delivering the products on time along with right price is very crucial in mobile wholesale business.