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Mobile Phone Wholesalers are wholesalers Brand New, Used, Refurbished mobile phones & tablets for retailers, distributors and online sellers looking to buy large quantities at affordable prices

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Mobile Phone Wholesalers process payment?

We accept payment via BACS (Bank Transfer) to our UK Barclays Account. Customers who book collections can also pay us cash on premises before collecting their order. We do not accept cheque, PayPal, debit/credit cards or any other merchant payment method.

2. How do I/We make sure that the purchased stock will get delivered once I/We have paid?

Mobile Phone Wholesalers accepts order via email, online checkout, WhatsApp or just a simple phone call. Once you receive your invoice it will contain our account details to make payment from your bank account to our bank account. Our Account is registered under our company name DAILY SHOP LIMITED and this can be verified by calling Barclays in UK. We ship all parcels using UPS secure and insured service so your stock is guaranteed to be delivered to you as we have 100% successful delivery for the past 12 years.

3. How long will it take for Mobile Phone Wholesalers to deliver my/our order?

Delivery depends on the UPS service you choose at the time of placing order and your location. If you are based in UK mainland, your order can be delivered to you within 24 working hours with just UPS standard service. If you are based in Europe then opt in for UPS Express service for next day delivery (non-refundable) or 2-3 days UPS Standard Service. If you are based outside of UK and EU then simply request for standard 2-3 working days delivery which is cost effect and smoothest way to get your order to you.

4. What type of stock does Mobile Phone Wholesalers offer? Is there any Unique Selling Proposition (USP) from Mobile Phone Wholesalers?

Mobile Phone Wholesalers specialize in wholesale of large quantities of brand stock such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia’s. We wholesale used mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and accessories at wholesale prices on Marginal VAT Scheme. If you are a shop owner or distributor then our prices are guaranteed to make you profit on every single order you place with us. Our Unique Selling point is our 39 points tested graded stock that comes with 3 months warranty with marginal Invoice that no other wholesaler in all of UK & EU at offer at prices that we offer on.

5. How long Mobile Phone Wholesalers has been in mobile wholesale business?

Our team has been in electronics business for the past 15 years and have traded in over a million handset from Brand new, used to faulty stock. We know exactly how this market works from the time of Cellpex to Google Shopping. We have supplied handset to over 200 countries and over 7000 mobile wholesale buyers from eBay seller to Sunday market merchants.

6. What is the grading criteria used by Mobile Phone Wholesalers?

We have following Grading Criteria on our mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and accessories.
Grade Asis - Stock that has been sold by manufacturer such as Apple as a replacement handset against a faulty one. In words a brand new handset without any accessories or box with 3 months warranty.
Grade A+ - Stock that has been carefully tested and in immaculate condition with no marks of usage or dents and 100% faulty free with 3 months warranty.
Grade A - This is our most popular Grade as this has gone through our 39 points test and in fully working order in mint condition with few hair line scratches expected which is hard to see with naked eye. Comes with 3 months Warranty.
Grade B - For those who are looking for an average used handset or device that has been taken care by the user in a very good condition and 100% functional order with 3 months warranty. Few scratches and dents to be expected as this cannot be an extremely good condition as falsely advertise by many forge traders.
Grade C - The least grade that can be given to a fully functional handset with no broken parts or body with 3 months warranty. Ideal for those who are looking for 39 points tested device with no problems whatsoever.

7. Is all the stock physically available that is listed on this website?

All stock listed on website or our daily mailing list is available for immediate dispatch or collection from our London Offices. Stock is distributed among shops, warehouse and dispatch centres so 20% of the times we have to gather stock from other premises to get to our dispatch centre. Rest assured if your order is approved and you make payment on time we can dispatch your order within the time frame provided on Invoice.

8. Is it also possible to personally collect the stock from Mobile Phone Wholesalers' office/shop/warehouse?

Yes of course. All you need to do is place an order with us and book an appoint to visit our office to collect your order. If order value is above £5000 then we will require 20% down payment to reserve your stock and keep the parcel ready for you to collect. You will be required to send a sign copy of your Valid ID for our records in order to allow to you come to our premises.

9. Is there any mobile wholesale industry reference that I/We can use?

Sure. We are listed on over 50 trading platforms where our stock is advertised. Whichever platform you are using simply let us know so that we can arrange a reference check by the admin of that platform along with our previous deals history.

10. Which currencies do Mobile Phone Wholesalers deal in?

As Mobile Phone Wholesalers are based in London, United Kingdom we only accept payment in GBP British Pound Sterling. If you are EU then we would recommend you to use services such as Transfer Wise, HiFX or Rational FX to get the best euro to GBP conversion rate. If you are based outside of EU then use your local money exchange if your bank is not offering the Ideal currency rates.

11. What is the warranty period on items/stock sold by Mobile Phone Wholesalers?

Unlike any other wholesalers in Europe we proudly provide 3 months warranty on all of our used graded stock with confidence. As we don’t just sell handsets to get rid of them and think of buyers profits we allow them 3 months warranty on all of our graded used mobiles, tablets and smartwatches. All Brand New handsets comes with their respective manufacturer's warranty so that you can easily call your service centre and claim your warranty. All Refurbished items also comes with 3 Months warranty unlike other disgusting wholesalers offering only 7 days warranty as they know their stock will come back with faults.

12. Which specifications (region) stock does Mobile Phone Wholesalers trade in?

All products sold by Mobile Phone wholesalers comes mainly from UK and Europe. Although we also sell products from USA and Japan as they are in Hugh demand and world being a global hub all devices manufactured after year 2000 is compatible for every single country. We do not buy or sell any products from China, Korea or India as their warranties are not covered in UK & EU.

13. What would be the procedure to return the stock which I/We do not like?

If you find a fault in any of your products then you have to simply fill in a RMA form that you can download from here and submit a return request. All products have to be returned with a approved RMA and a printout should be included within the parcel so that we can easily identify that parcel belongs to you and retest the products against the faults claimed. Customer will bear the return cost and Credit note will be issued for the next order. Please note that if any device you sent back does not belongs to us or doesn’t match serial no. then you will have to pay for the admin charges and returned post.

14. How can I/We offer our available stock to Mobile Phone Wholesalers?

This is our most asked question and our answer is very simple. We have made it extremely simple for our customers to download our excel sheet so that they can simply add up their profit mark-ups and offer the stock to their customer. This way they won’t have to disclose that stock belongs to us and purchase cycle will be much faster than any other wholesaler out there. We also send our daily emails with offers and attachments, to opt in simply submit your email address in subscription form on top of this page.

15. What should I/We do if the required model is not listen on this website?

There are many models that we are not aware of and are in high demand as there is only so much we can cover. So simply contact us with your required model, grade and quantity and expected pricing in GBP so that we can check with our suppliers and fulfil your order if we can. What you don’t ask for is what you don’t get :)

16. What is the nature of Mobile Phone Wholesalers' business?

Mobile Phone Wholesalers are one of the biggest wholesalers of used mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches based in London, United Kingdom. We wholesale all the major brands such as Apple, Huawei, Sony or Samsung at cheapest prices available in UK market. We export products to as far as Sudan and Israel with our easy, reliable and insured United Parcel Service. If you are looking to buy job lots of mobile phones or products listed on our website or stocklist in bulk quantity then simply place your order or enquiry.

17. Is the stock listed on this website sold on Standard/Reverse VAT or Marginal VAT? What is the difference both?

All used and refurbished stock listed or sold by Mobile Phone Wholesalers is sold on Marginal VAT Scheme. To learn what is Marginal VAT visit www.gov.uk or ask your accountant.

18. Are the prices listed on this website inclusive of TAX?

We do not charge any additional taxes or charges hence we specialize in selling 14 Days, Used Graded and Refurbished products on Marginal VAT Scheme. So the prices you see are the prices you will pay with no taxes or hidden charges.

19. Where can I/We find all the stock offers from Mobile Phone Wholesalers? Is there any stock list I/We can download?

Yes, you can download our stock list from our home page. As we have made it extremely easy and accessible to everyone, we send out our daily stock list and offers via email and WhatsApp too. All stock you see listed on this website is also available on file for you to review whenever it’s feasible to you. If you are still unsure where to find the stock list simply contact us and we will guide you through. In the meanwhile click here to download our live stock list.

20. Can I/We buy the stock on credit?

We do not buy or sell on credit. All products are bought and sold on upfront payment as it enables us to provide excellent prices & rates.

21. I/We do not have a registered business or company. Can I/We still buy from Mobile Phone Wholesalers?

You don’t have to be a registered business to buy from us. Let’s say you a plumber and you have a team of 10, you can simply place an order on your personal name and we will issue you an invoice as the stock we sell is on Marginal VAT Scheme hence you don’t have to pay or claim any VAT from HMRC or your local Tax Office. Everyone is welcome to buy from Mobile Phone Wholesalers.

22. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

There is no particular MOQ in terms of Value. Every model has its own Minimum order quantity that can be seen on our website, stock list or daily offers we send via email or WhatsApp. You cannot buy less than our MOQ as we work on very low margins and cannot cover our costs if we were to sell below our Minimum order quantity.