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Mobile Phone Wholesalers are wholesalers Brand New, Used, Refurbished mobile phones & tablets for retailers, distributors and online sellers looking to buy large quantities at affordable prices

How to buy Bulk Quantities from Mobile Phone Wholesalers

Place an Order Online

Are you a retailer, shop owner or online seller looking to place a quick order of mobile phones, tablets or watches?

You can use this website to register yourself and place an order by simply adding products to cart. Once you finish adding everything you need simply go to our checkout page and place your order.

We will then review your order and give you a call or email you to confirm if we can process your wholesale order.

You will receive a confirmation from us and you can make the payment to our bank account provided in your order confirmation email.

Place your wholesale order on Call.

We love to talk and discuss the order. It always a good practice to speak to one of our sales managers to see if we have what you are looking for.

Whether its mobile phones, tablets or smartwatches we have a good variety of stock that you can buy from us at cheap wholesale prices.

Our sales rep can take your order over the call and send you across your invoice.

Why not place an order via email?

Everything that you see on our website or daily mobile wholesale stock list, we have it available for sell in the mentioned quantities, grades and colours. All you need to do is open your eMail and compose an email to us by making selection of what you see on our website or stock list.

Don’t forget to include you Account ID (If you have an account) or your billing, shipping and contact details so that we can quickly process your request and send you your invoice.

Visit us to place an order FACE to FACE

We believe knowing someone you are going to work with always helps increase profits, quantities and definitely strong business relation. As there is a lot of fluctuation in this industry everyone has their own grading and testing methods and system.

Come meet us by calling us on 0044 (0) 208 432 3064 or drop us an email to book an appointment with one our sales rep who can invite you to our premises and show you around our stock quality, grading and testing Techniques. Most of all it’s our pleasure to meet our valuable customer and have a cup of tea or coffee with them.

Our delivery service and why we have 100% delivery rate?

In our 15 years of experience in mobile phones and gadgets industry we have come to realize that no service works better then United Parcel Service. Being one of the biggest and fastest growing courier service no doubt they hardly lose or damage any well packed parcels. We ship parcels from Israel to Cambodia with over 500 units per order without a hiccup.

Our secret is strongly packed parcels with clear labels and Invoice attached to every parcel which enable friendly UPS drivers to collect parcels from our premises and deliver them safely without having to struggle reading poorly written address on boxes unlike other companies.

Starting from just £15 per parcel containing 50 handsets insured to UK mainland we can ship your order same day if you place an order before 5pm.

Does Mobile Phone Wholesaler provide Warranty?

We pride our self in providing the longest warranty terms compared to any other mobile phone wholesalers in Europe. Their trick is to allow small window of warranty so that they can mix their bad stock just to get rid.

We proudly provide 3 Months warranty on all of our used graded stock and all of our brand new handsets will contain 12-24 months manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes, even our refurbished stock also comes with 3 Months warranty so that you can test all of our stock without any pressure. Our advice though is to never sell a handset without testing to avoid any bitter situation with your buyer.

I am only free on weekends. Can I still buy?

The whole purpose of this website is so that you can do your usual business during your regular working hours and then place an order at your convenient time. Our Online team apart from Sunday monitors all emails 24 hours a day hence allowing you to make decision on your purchasing at your peak or most relaxed mental level.

If your question was whether we are open on weekends or not, then the answer is YES if you have an order that you can only collect on Weekends then you are more than welcome to visit us by letting us know just 24 hours in advance.

Where do we get our stock from?

From suppliers like yourself. Do you have something you think we both can benefit from then why not? We have a long history that goes over a decade with our suppliers and it’s more like a family now. They look after our supply needs and we make sure that we make the most out of them for our buyers.

So if you have anything you would like to sell then feel free to drop us an email, call or message to let us know what you have available for sell.

I am a busy person and have no time to visit website every day.

We are glad to hear that you are busy in your business, so is your staff and you don’t have time to check website every day. Don’t Worry! You won’t be left out from any of our hot offers or deals. We will keep you posted with our daily stock list, offers and deals via email so that whenever you have time you can simply open your inbox and have a quick glance at our emails to choose whatever you like and place an order.

We don’t think it can be more simple then this. If even this doesn’t work for you just let us know we will drop you a quick message on your phone every single day.

Is there any Taxes & Duties Involved?

Good news for our UK and EU customers. We wholesale our mobile phones, tablets and almost all other stock at Marginal VAT Scheme. Not sure what MVS is then simply click here to ready on UK government’s website more about it. In simple words you don’t have to be a business necessarily to buy from us. You could be an individual looking to buy couple of handsets to taste waters of this industry and just pay the price that you see on our stock list or website with no hidden charges or additional costs.

If you are based outside of UK or EU then you have to contact your local Tax office to consult on importing mobile phones from us. For Example if you are in South Africa then you would require a Mobile phone import license otherwise your local authorities would destroy the parcel.

More clarity about VAT.

All goods are sold on Second Hand Margin Scheme called Marginal VAT Scheme. So the prices you see are the prices you pay with no catch.